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What is Single Vision Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate lenses are the best choice for eyeglasses, sunglasses and sports eyewear when the safety of the eye is concerned. Polycarbonate lenses are tough, shatter-resistant, lightweight and ideal for everyday use. They are more impact resistant than plastic. They…

chase utley sunglasses

What Sunglasses Does Chase Utley Wear?

Even if you don’t actively follow baseball, you’ll be aware of the champion second baseman for Philadelphia Phillies, Chase Utley. This gifted, major league baseball player has dominated the field since he was young. If like his other fans…

prince fielder sunglasses

What Sunglasses Does Prince Fielder Wear?

No baseball fan can feign lack of information when it comes to Prince Fielder. This relatively fresh major league baseball player has made quite a name for himself in a considerably short duration. From his personal life to his…

Miguel Cabrera sunglasses

What Sunglasses Does Miguel Cabrera Wear?

One of the superstars of major league baseball, Miguel Cabrera has wowed spectators with his skill and dedication ever since he started playing. This Venezuela born athlete plays for the Detroit Tigers and has a massive fan following to…

chrissie wellington sunglasses

What Oakley Sunglasses Does Chrissie Wellington Wear?

Who isn’t inspired by the amazing Chrissie Wellington? This professional athlete has wowed the world by winning the Ironman Triathlon World Championship a mind-boggling total of 4 times. She has also held the record for ironman distance triathlon races.…

oakley golfing sunglasses half jacket
FAQ Sunglasses Q&A

Are Polarized Lenses Good for Golf?

Golf is considered a visually challenging game. A lot of conditions like different lighting, course distances, backgrounds, and wind can impact the performance of a golfer. Expert golfers are of the opinion that there are three areas to which…

oakley racing jacket sunglasses

Difference Between Oakley Jawbone and Racing Jacket

There is a certain amount of confusion about the differences between Oakley Jawbone and Racing Jacket glasses. To put it simply, these glasses are almost similar, with only a few differences between them. It can also be said that…