Difference Between Oakley Jawbone and Racing Jacket

There is a certain amount of confusion about the differences between Oakley Jawbone and Racing Jacket glasses. To put it simply, these glasses are almost similar, with only a few differences between them. It can also be said that the Jawbone model has been replaced with the Racing Jacket one. In fact, almost all the parts between these models are interchangeable except a few.

oakley racing jacket sunglasses



Some of the most notable differences between the two models are the following.

    • Each pair of the new Oakley Racing Jacket glasses comes in two different colors with the “Oakley O icons” embedded in them that snap easily into the temples. As a result, a user can switch them with convenience and customize his or her look as per the occasion. On the other hand, the original Oakley Jawbone glasses are available in one icon color and it is also not interchangeable


    • Secondly, all the non-prescription glasses in the Racing Jacket category come with anti-fog vents, while only some of the lenses in the Oakley Jawbone category are enhanced with these anti-fog vents. However, when you order prescription glasses, either in Racing Jacket or in Jawbone category, you have an option of either including or excluding the anti-fog feature


  • Some are also of the opinion that Racing Jackets are a little cheaper compared to the Oakley Jawbones

Oakley Jawbone and Racing Jacket glasses also have a few similarities between them in addition to their differences. Both these glasses have top quality optics. They have interchangeable lenses and comfortable fit. Both Jawbone and Racing Jackets are known for their durable nature. It is important to note that some people say that Oakley Racing Jacket is just a changed name of Oakley Jawbones because Oakley had some kind of copyright issue with the previous name that is “Jawbone”.

Whether you already posses a pair of original Jawbones or you are trying to get hold of the newly named Racing Jackets you are simply bound to fall in love with this pair of glasses. Especially if you are thinking of a long ride there can be no other better option than a pair of Oakley Jawbones or Racing Jacket. You could try out Shadesdaddy.com to get some of the best collections of Oakley Jawbone or Racing Jacket.

The bottom line about these Oakley glasses is that they have snappy colors, endorsement of numerous pro-cyclist features and you can get many frame colors to choose from. Another most important feature of these glasses manufactured by Oakley is that they give 100% protection to the eyes from all kinds of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

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