Simple Eye Exam Test To See If You Need Glasses or Not

{Note: This isn’t considered an actual eye exam! You should get your eyes checked at least 1-2 years. This is a fun way to test your vision.}

Please tell us who is the person you see in the image below. Is it Marilyn Monroe ? Or perhaps Albert Einstein ? Not really sure ? Take a closer look !

eye exam image albert einstein

The image shows a blurry picture of Marilyn Monroe placed over an evenly drawn portrait of Albert Einstein.

Now that you are sure about the person you see in the image, I have some news for you!

But, first of all, let’s start from the beginning ! Daily Mail is reporting that a couple of years ago students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created an optical illusion, which could determine if a person’s eyes are healthy or not. Specifically, we are talking about a GIF image that acts as an examination in order to determine vision impairment.

Are you ready to hear the results ? We hope you are !

If the picture is seen from a normal distance, a healthy pair of eyes will distinguish only Albert Einstein.

On the contrary, your eyes will see Marilyn Monroe if they can distinguish close-up pictures as if they’re much farther away.

Hence, if you have healthy eyes you can see Marilyn Monroe in the image given, only by backing away from your computer’s screen. Pretty cool, huh ?

But what is the explanation for this, you may wonder. Well, the trick of this illusion is that low spatial frequency features, like the ones of Marilyn, can be seen only from a distance. On the other hand, high spatial frequency features, like the fine lines Einstein is drawn with, are visible from up close.

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