How To Adjust Sunglasses To Fit Better on Your Face

You can shop for sunglasses online or even at a store and you got sunglasses that fit you well but they still aren’t the perfect size. This happens…there is a way to better adjust your sunglasses so they fit / sit better on your face. Getting the perfect fit from a pair of sunglasses might take some adjustments on your part to the shades and in this video we show you show.

As you’ll see in the video – the key elements of getting your sunglasses to fit perfect are by adjusting the following:

1. NOSEPADS (not all sunglasses have nosepads, specially not plastic frames such as Wayfarers.)

2. TEMPLES (The temples are the arms of the sunglasses – the tips usually grip or don’t grip to your ear and this is an easy fix and makes a very big difference!)

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