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difference between oakley and maui jim sunglasses

Difference between Oakley and Maui Jim Sunglasses

What’s the difference between Oakley and Maui Jim sunglasses? Oakley is a renowned manufacturer of sports performance equipment and lifestyle accessories, including sunglasses and many other things. Similarly Maui Jim that started as a small sunglass selling joint on…

polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses for fishing

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

Polarized sunglasses have been used for a long time now by people all over the world. They are used by boaters and fishermen who want to reduce the striking glare from the water. Polarized sunglasses absorb the extra sunlight…

how to tell if your ray bans are polarized

How To Tell If Your Ray-Bans Have Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses are trendy these days and this is not only due to the fact that most are high-quality shades, like Ray-Bans have polarized lenses, but also because there are multiple benefits on wearing this type of glasses. When…

do i need polarized sunglasses?
FAQ Sunglasses Q&A

Do I Need Polarized Sunglasses?

About Polarized Sunglasses Polarized lenses first became popular with fishermen and boaters, who were in need of a pair of glasses which could easily protect their eyes from the harmful glare of the sun in the water. Gradually with…

benefits of polarized sunglasses

What Are The Advantages of Polarized Lenses?

It is a common thing to walk across to a shop on a bright sunny day. One thing which affects us on such an instant is the glare. Now, how is this glare caused? When sunlight hits flat surface…

FAQ LifeStyle

What Are The Best Oakley Sunglasses For Golf?

Oakley is the undisputed leader in sport performance sunglasses. It has invented numerous technologies which not only protect the eyes but also help the player to give the best performance. Oakley has introduced golf specific sunglasses which have been…


Will Oakley Sunglasses Stretch?

Sunglasses add a lot of style and comfort to your overall appearance and personality. Owning a good pair of sunglasses is a must in the modern day scenario. Due to excess pollution and the harmful rays of the sun,…

what sunglasses do pilots wear

What Type of Sunglasses Do Pilots Wear?

When it comes to flying a plane, eyesight is very important as wearing the right shades can make the difference between a delightful ride and a tragic event. This doesn’t mean you need to bear with the sun and…

what sunglasses do surfer wear

What Sunglasses Do Surfers Wear?

Surfing is an awesome sport and is most enjoyed when the tide is right, even better if you have the best surfing gear at hand. Sun can be quite harsh when you hit the waves and in absence of…