Will Oakley Sunglasses Stretch?

Sunglasses add a lot of style and comfort to your overall appearance and personality. Owning a good pair of sunglasses is a must in the modern day scenario. Due to excess pollution and the harmful rays of the sun, a lot of discomfort is caused to the eyes. To combat these problems a branded sunglass will not only provide soothing effect and comfort but will also last in the long run.

When it comes to sunglasses, Oakley definitely steals the limelight. This reputed and highly recognized brand offers a wide range of options to choose from. There is surely something for everyone based on their preference and fashion sense. At times the frames are a little too tightly placed and the question arises if Oakley frames really stretch or not? Read on for more information.

The Oakley frames have been designed in a way that caters to the many needs of its owners. For most people who find their heads a little mismatched for the Oakley sunglasses, the good news is that these glasses can be stretched minimally to match your measurements. The frames are not just durable but also very flexible in nature. Most Oakley frames are nylon based so care should be taken not to extend it too much beyond limit. The use of hot box will work great for this purpose. It will soften it and facilitate it to become wider, flexible, as per the requirement of the user.

However, it is always best to get it done professionally, either with the brand dealer, showroom or at a reputed optical store. Some Oakley models such as the Radar range have been designed in a way that takes a very strong grip at the temple. This is to prevent it from sliding off due to sweat or speed. Regular use of the glasses might stretch the frame a tiny bit but if you want it to stretch beyond that, a hotbox can be tried. A hotbox is basically a type of sandbox that holds a hot plate on its top. The frame is initially softened a bit and then resized as per the requirement. When it cools, the new shape is created. However, with the Oakley sunglasses, harsh handling or too much of stretching will spoil its initial shape and size. The best option is to get something that best matches the size and shape of your head. Most models of Oakley sunglasses do not overstretch. They remain tight and intact for many years to come and most users enjoy this feature endlessly. To conclude, one can say that the Oakley sunglasses do stretch a tiny bit but not beyond that.

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