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Tom Brady Sunglasses Style

Tom Brady is hardly ever spotted in daylight without a pair of one of his favorite sunglasses. It might be those celebrity looks, but let’s face it; Tom always pulls off the right style, without ever failing to make…

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How To Pick Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator shades are the undebatable sign of manhood. Originally developed by Ray Ban for active pilots in 1937, these shades were designed to be functional. The classic teardrop shape of the lenses helped the pilots stay off the rays…

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Men’s Sunglasses Advice

It is very important to find sunglasses that fit perfectly on your face and help you in accentuating your best features. Before buying sunglasses, you need to know your eye alignment and face shape because not everything looks good…

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What Sunglasses Does Eleanor Calder Wear?

Eleanor Calder is the person to follow when you need some catwalk fashion inspiration. She is not only a model and an avid blogger, but also a fashion icon. From head to toe, this girl is sporting the latest…