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What Sunglasses Does Sebastian Vettel Wear?

If you landed on this page, you’re probably searching for or wondering what sunglasses Sebastian Vettel wears. If you happen to land here by chance and wondering who Sebastian Vettel is – he is world class top ranked Formula…

Celebrity Sunglasses Style & Trends

Tom Brady Sunglasses Style

Tom Brady is hardly ever spotted in daylight without a pair of one of his favorite sunglasses. It might be those celebrity looks, but let’s face it; Tom always pulls off the right style, without ever failing to make…

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What Sunglasses Does Jordan Spieth Wear?

Jordan Spieth is the new prodigy of the golf: the 21 year old golf player is already leading Masters and teaches golf to older peers. With that fame, he really needs a good pair of shades to hide his…

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What Sunglasses Does Eleanor Calder Wear?

Eleanor Calder is the person to follow when you need some catwalk fashion inspiration. She is not only a model and an avid blogger, but also a fashion icon. From head to toe, this girl is sporting the latest…