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What Sunglasses Does Jordan Spieth Wear?

Jordan Spieth is the new prodigy of the golf: the 21 year old golf player is already leading Masters and teaches golf to older peers. With that fame, he really needs a good pair of shades to hide his eyes from the paparazzi and keep his vision sharp on the field. Let’s get some sunglasses inspiration from this wonder child.


Distortion free vision

Jordan Spieth relies on Adidas Kumacross 2.0 on sunny days. These shades give him the perfect view on the golf court as they allow him to keep an eye on the periphery as well as on the front. The lenses provide the best protection from UV rays, while keeping Jordan’s vision undistorted. This feature allows the player to hit the ball with maximum confidence, which is essential on the golf terrain, just as it is in everyday life.

The Adidas Kumacross sunglasses are a great pick for off-course: the stylish look and the ultra lightweight frame make them perfect for a day out in the city.


Adidas Kumacross features

The features of Adidas Kumacross sunglasses make them perfect for athletes and everyone who wants to benefit from them. Adidas sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from rays and they come with polarized lenses in multiple colors. They also have a filter that blocks the light and reduces the glare. This is very important for Jordan, who needs to follow the ball across grass and lakes. The shades increase the contrast and allow you to see deeper, which makes the sunglasses perfect for playing sports or driving.


Mirror, mirror on the shades

Adidas Kumacross lenses also come with the mirror effect, which provides extra protection from the intense light, which is found on the golf course or other wide, plain areas. This makes the sunglasses very comfortable under sunny conditions.

Yet none of these features would be helpful if the shades do not stay in place; the frame is made from an extremely flexible and adherent material, which ensures a good grip on your head.


Unisex design

Adidas Kumacross are fit for both men and women, featuring a single bridge, sturdy, but fashionable frame. The Adidas logo is present on the frame, so if you want to show off your sunglasses to friends, you can easily do it without any effort.

Jordan Spieth likes to mix the classic style with the modern feel of the Adidas Kumacross on the golf course and off it, which makes the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to embrace the sporty look without giving up on elegance.

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