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Picking Sunglasses for your Face Shape : Women

Every woman wants to look chic and stylish in the sunglasses she wears. The sunglasses are now considered valuable accessories like bags, shoes or watches and are considered a status symbol. Most of us buy sunglasses based on the trend and the brand. We buy any expensive brand and expect to look great in them. However we should realize that it is not only about brands; one has to buy sunglasses according to the shape of the face.

When choosing sunglasses one has to think about proportion and creating a balance. The rule is quite simple, understand your face shape and never wear sunglasses of that shape, in fact wear an opposite shape. It is important to wear frames that compliment a face by softening it and drawing attention away from the prominent features.

Square Shape

A lady with a square shape face has a prominent forehead and a strong jaw line. One should try curvier frames like round, oval, butterfly, cat eye or rimless to balance your striking jaw line.

Oval Shape

You are a lucky girl if you have an oval shape as you can carry any shades you like. Mainly rectangular shades are suggested for such shape, but you can try oval, cat-eye, butterfly, round, almost any shape you want.

Round Shape

You have soft, feminine features with the length and width of the face roughly equal. You should wear sunglasses that make your face look longer and thinner. Mainly geometric frames like horizontal frames, wayfarers and rectangle shapes help the round face to off set the contours and give it an edgy look.

Heart Shape

You have a broader brow and a narrow chin. Your main concern is to elongate your look and to even out the proportions with the shape of frames. Choose frames that broaden a narrow jaw like the aviators, cat -eye, rimless or butterfly will do the trick. It is recommended that one should go for light colored frames and frames with thin temples for such face shape.

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