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What Sunglasses Do NASCAR Drivers Wear?

The type of shades that NASCAR drivers prefer to wear has become quite a sensation amongst so many people. Every now and then, eyewear brands introduce a new line of sleek and stylish sporty sunglasses, which makes people go crazy when NASCAR drivers don them. If you want to know which pair of sunglasses your favorite NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart, is wearing these days, then this blog is just for you.

Oakley is primarily a sports brand as far as eyewear is concerned. And this point is made more potent when you take a look at the NASCAR legend Tony Stewart and how photographs of him at races wearing various sunglasses collaborate. Here are the two of the best ones.

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The Oakley Monster Pup (currently a discontinued model)

These glasses do not just look good and fall in that artsy category. They are good functionality wise too. The range of colors that you will see for this uber stylish pair of sunglasses are all about rust, olive tortoise, matte black and root beer. They are trendy, definitely give off that sportsy look and since Tony wore them: they are mighty cool! The world took to these exact frames really fast. They come fitted with all those famous characteristics that Oakley is boasting about. We are talking extremely lightweight, stress resistant, comfy fit and can be worn all day.

We all know and have seen how the Oakley monster pup sunglasses are aggressively designed and are bold. The Monster Pup may be colorful but it does exude ‘aggressive athlete’ at all. You can find the bronze or dark grey versions of this if you want as well and if you want prescription lenses then Oakley will have you covered. The readymade lenses cover a wide spectrum of features that you would want at hand.

OAKLEY Straight Jacket


This is another pair that we have seen Tony Stewart flaunt around at the races. They are solid matte black, which is perfect for any driver, but the great part is that this does not sacrifice the sporty look neither does it make them look very 1900s.

You can get these in prescription too; in fact, Oakley always offers its eyewear in prescription if you want those. Straight Jacket, in particular, encompasses the style of Toney Stewart while also leaving room for your own. So if you feel inspired but want to save yourself from the troubles of plain copying, you should get yourself one of these pronto.

These ranges are the ones that go perfectly with more than just the racing industry. There are so many outdoorsy activities that you can use these for.

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