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Best Type of Sunglasses For A Big Nose

Cool beard hipster male with gelled back highlighted hair and black lenses sunglasses

When buying sunglasses, you need to consider a number of factors like face shape, hairstyle and the prominent features on your face which include cheeks, forehead, and the nose. It is important to decide which features you want to hide and which ones you should highlight.

The nose is an important feature because the sunglasses fit on it. This can be a problem for people who don’t want to highlight that area. The most important thing that you can consider when buying sunglasses is the frame. Here are some tips:

Widen the Lenses

Buy frames that put the lenses far apart because it will draw attention away from the nose. The bigger the glasses the smaller will the other features look.

Buy a Heavy Frame

A thick frame will grab all the attention and people will look towards the ears. Plastic frames are a better choice than metal frames because it will blend more easily.

Lower the Bridge

Buy lower-set bridge because that will take the attention away from the nose by raising the lenses.

Buy Square Lens Frames

You can buy rectangular or square frames because they stand out and help in taking the attention away from the nose as opposed to round frames.

Keep it Dark

You should bring attention to the size of the frame so you should go for solid colors and should avoid light frames. Go for the darkest color available and that is black.

Added Flair

You can work on the lenses so that the nose looks smaller in comparison. If you are a woman, you can buy frames that have rhinestones, floral patterns, artwork or anything that shifts the attention from the nose.

These examples should help you out when it comes to picking the right kind of sunglasses. It is highly recommended that you don’t shop online and go to stores to try on different sunglasses so that you experiment with the color, shape, and size before deciding what works for you.

Various other factors affect the way your nose looks. For men, it is mostly the hair line, cut of beard and mustache. These can affect the appearance of the facial features. For women it is mostly the makeup, hair cut and the selection of scarves and hats. All these factors along with the frames can help you in making your nose look small.

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