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What Sunglasses do Baseball Players Wear?

oakley baseball sunglassesOne thing you’ll notice in baseball, because its usually played in the day-time, (obviously there are night games as well,) part of what makes a players uniform and look unique is the sunglasses he is wearing on the field (AND OFF!) This gives some of the greatest baseball players a reputation where many want to get the same look because they look SO COOL in their sunglasses that actually serves a purpose for them to see clearly while playing. Sunglasses are extremely important on the field on a sunny / bright day.

So, WHAT SUNGLASSES DO BASEBALL PLAYERS WEAR? The choice for most professional baseball players (and minor league as well,) are OAKLEY SUNGLASSES.

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Okay, let’s take a look at some of the most worn sunglasses by Major Leauge Baseball Players!

Oakley Fast Jacket:


Oakley Flak Jacket:


Oakley Radar Path:


Oakley Radar Pitch:


Oakley Radarlock Path:


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