Sunglasses Q&A

What Two Things Should I Consider Before Buying Sunglasses?

If you’re in the market to buy sunglasses and not sure which style to go with – there are 2 golden rules to follow for buying long-term sunglasses that will fit you well and look good for as long as you have them (let’s be honest, most times, when it comes to your favorite pair, you’ll lose them or break them.)


  1. ALWAYS GO WITH A CLASSIC AS A ONLY PAIR: If you’re buying a pair of sunglasses as your only pair, always go with a classic frame style so that it will NEVER go out of style. I am talking about the classic AVIATOR or WAYFARER style of sunglasses. You also won’t go wrong with a round classic pair.


  1. WEAR A FRAME SHAPE THE OPPOSITE OF YOUR FACE: Believe it or not, the sunglasses that will fit you best are those that are the opposite from your face shape as it will add that angle to your look. For example, if you have a round face, your best bet is to go with a nice square frame to take some of the roundness look. You’ll find this to be true as you try on some frames.

However, as I always say, regardless of any rules, etc, the most important thing is that you love what you buy and fits your personal style. Sunglasses SAY A LOT ABOUT YOU. They are the first thing people notice when they see you (or meet you,) as it’s literally the first thing they’ll notice on your face and most people’s favorite accessory.

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