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What Sunglasses Does Vincenzo Nibali Wear?


What Sunglasses Does Vincenzo Nibali Wear?

Vincenzo Nibali has become a worldwide phenomenon for his trendy style and cycling achievements. You will always find him wearing Oakley sunglasses that suit his sportive requirements. The wide arrays of Oakley’s performance sunglasses provide ultimate protection from sunlight and other dust particles that he may normally face while racing. The unique SwitchLock technology allows instant interchanging of lenses as per the requirement and thus the sportsman can easily adapt to the surrounding environment. The technology also allows you to quickly adapt your vision to changing intensity and frequency of lights. The new High Definition Optics designed to meet the challenging requirements of world class athletes can easily tolerate heavy impact from high velocity objects. This durability is often an added advantage to ensure protection from unavoidable accidents.

The simple switch mechanism that holds the lenses together also helps in releasing the lenses for quick interchangeability. The whole process is so fast that you can literally change your lens in a second. The lenses are held securely in place to ensure clarity of vision and avoid all possible distortions due to uneven pressures. The HDO technology redefines clear optical vision by avoiding all possible glare and reflected lights but only allowing necessary light to reach the eyes. The layer on the lens controls the amount of light that passes into the eyes and thus maintains clear visibility even in low light conditions. The polaric ellipsoid geometry helps in reducing the glare from shining surfaces, thus allowing you to easily focus on the road. The shape of the lens and the overall design provides a wide-open view of the world around you thus significantly increasing your peripheral vision, giving you an added advantage over your competitors.

All the glasses selected by Vincenzo Nibali are standards approved and can easily withstand high mass and ballistic impacts. The plutonite on the lenses keeps all scorching rays of the run away from the eyes by blocking out nearly all UV and IR rays. The O-Matter compound that is a metal alloy is used to manufacture the frame, which makes it extremely light weights but maintain the durability and strength. The frames are also force resistant to avoid any damage to your eyesight or the lenses. The three point-fit technologies touch only at three places on your face holding the glasses in perfect position. The glasses are also lined with unobtanium that makes them hydrophobic. Therefore you won’t have to worry about your sweat clouding your vision when you are busy racing.

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