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Jake Gyllenhaal Getting High with Ray Ban Aviators

jake gyllenhaal ray ban aviators sunglasses style

Source: PEOPLE.com

As seen in picture, Jake Gyllenhaal sure is an Aviators fan! Not only is he sporting his Ray Ban Aviators as usual (he is almost always photographed wearing the same pair) but he is matching his look with a hoodie that reads: “Aviator Nation”.

No doubt these sunglasses look great on Jake as he has the perfect face frame (oval) to rock this pair with style and attitude.

Fun fact: Jake has had eyesight problems since he was a young boy. He recalls his days of bumping into walls in one of In-Style magazine articles, as he also explains how because his prescription was constantly changing, he would donate his old eye glasses to the New Eyes Foundation:

“I’ve had really poor vision ever since I was a little kid — my mom first took me to the doctor because I was smacking into walls — and every time my prescription changed, we gave my old glasses to New Eyes. So when I started looking for a cause that I had a strong, visceral connection to, I thought of it and wanted to help bring awareness to its work. New Eyes sends donated prescription glasses to underdeveloped countries, and in the U.S. it distributes vouchers to patients for a free checkup and free glasses. There are so many people who have bad vision and don’t know it. I’ve seen kids who were on the verge of failing out of school who got glasses from New Eyes and their lives changed. It made me think: what if, when I was young, my parents hadn’t been able to afford my glasses? What would my life have been? Thankfully, my eyesight is something that I can take for granted. I want to try and help other people take theirs for granted as well.”

Not that he needs anything else to make him pleasing to the naked eye, but after learning he has a big heart for charity, he is much more irresistible now!

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