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What Sunglasses Does Joey Logano Wear?


What Sunglasses Does Joey Logano Wear?

Like major car sport professionals, Joey Logano also opts for highly durable racing oriented sunglasses that provide excellent protection and reflect all incoming UV and IR rays. Along with protection from sunlight, the sunglasses also specialize in high mass impacts to test durability and avoid damage to the eyes. Lens interchangeability allows players to quickly optimize their vision and adapt to changing climatic conditions. The unique frame design keeps the sunglass in place even when strong forces strike your face. The high definition glasses provide performance comfort while reducing problems due to glare and reflection from shining surfaces. The frame is designed to remain in perfect position while the lens is securely mounted. The lack of uneven pressure along the frames avoids any possible distortion of optical clarity.

The lens clarity and light weight frame material is aimed at making the sunglass feel like a part of your face. Peripheral vision clarity is also paramount when driving high speed vehicles. Therefore, the lens extends itself uniformly from one corner of the eyes to the other as if the whole lens is only a single piece. The lens curvature provides a wide-open view along with excellent side protection. The frames are often manufactured from light weight but stress resistant materials that increase the grip when the player sweats. Lenses with the three point fix mechanisms are often the most comfortable frames in the market.

Selecting professional eye wear can be a challenge if you don’t know about the necessary characteristics of sunglasses ideal for your sports. If you are planning to buy racing eye wear, then durability and clear vision are highly important. But if you are buying for sports like golf, then you need sunglasses that provide optimum protection from the harmful rays of the sun. You can always select sunglasses that provide additional lenses for changing climatic conditions. If possible, choose lenses that have a coating of iridium as it is the most effective sunlight repellant while maintaining clear vision and balanced transmission of light. The photo chromic lenses darken themselves depending on the amount of light, they are exposed to. Therefore, they can be easily worn even in dark places. Also try to select hydrophobic lenses that repel water, oil and other forms of liquid so that you won’t have to worry about your sweat or any other form of liquid you may encounter during your game. Glare minimizing lenses provide clear vision even around shining surfaces and is ideal for driver who may face direct lights and shining roads while driving.

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