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Rachel Bilson: Sunglass Style

No one can argue that Rachel Bilson has great style, whether she’s dressing casual or for a red carpet event her look is always simple and chic. She normally goes for hippie look, but she does pull of the tailored quite nicely.

Whenever you see a picture of her you get a vintage vibe and with reason in a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine she said,

“I like the casual touch on a dressy outfit. A vintage dress with designer shoes is always a safe bet. Or a vintage blouse with a pair of jean shorts.”

Whenever she’s in a new town she hits up the vintage stores in order to update her looks, the girl loves taking fashion risks.

She love’s wearing skinny jeans, scarves, slouchy blouses and sunglasses; she’s always rocking a new pair. Let’s take a look at her fashion when it comes to sunglasses.

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rachel bilson sunglasses ray ban wayfarer

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rachel bilson sunglasses chloe myrte

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