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What Sunglasses Does Chris Costa Wear?

Chris Costa, the lead trainer and demonstrator for the Magpul Industries, is one intense man! Chris Costa, who specializes in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological environments, handles a firearm like a true professional. And apart from testing and playing around with the dangerous environments, Chris Costa has his own style statement. From the Rolex that he sports on his hand to the safety goggles that he wears. Whatever Chris Costa does, becomes a trend!

chris costa oakley sunglasses

Source: Oakley Forums

The sunglasses that Chris Costa sports while he is out there firing out arms are protective glasses that shield him from the glare and the blaze are by the brand Oakley.
Oakley, which is well known for its sunglasses and goggles all over the world, have been specifically designed for the world-class athletes who need greater performance. These Oakleys are named “Flak Jacket”, and they deliver a greater and a much coherent performance.

The Oakley Flak Jackets have polarized lenses that are replaceable, and these polarized lenses have different tints, and they offer a good contrast as well. These goggles are made with some amazing integrated technologies by Oakley, like the High Definition Optics Technology. The High Definition Optics technology helps you with the impact resistance and gives good visual fidelity. This particular technology is a very futuristic and highly dynamic technology, which offers a more accurate vision. The High Definition Optics Technology does not alter the images by magnifying or enlarging them, which is the case with some of the other lenses. When a lens magnifies an image, it is actually shifting the image from its actual position. Accuracy is of utmost importance for sports, and particularly when we want to get a better precision out of these weapons. The VR28 lenses that are compatible with the Oakley Flak Jacket are polarized iridium lenses, and these have been specially designed for enhanced clarity and depth perception. For someone like Chris Costa who plays around with firearms, and whose job is to test, engineer, and experiment with these weapons, the Oakley Flak Jackets are something like a best friend.

The Flak Jacket by Oakley, come with great comfort and perception, and not to mention, unparalleled style as well. These goggles go under a Clarity Test that also measures the sharpness of the images as well.

What makes these goggles even more opulent is the Unobtainium earsocks and the nose-pads that come with it, which do not let the goggles slide away from your face even when you are perspiring!



These pair of Flak Jackets are something that every sport-enthusiast and athlete should own. They offer all day comfort and look great as well!

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