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What Type of Sunglasses Does Kyle Richards Wear?

Ever heard of Kyle Richards? She’s one of the Real Housewives who also happens to be a trendsetter in all the things starting from fashion to swim-wear, purses and sunglasses. So, let’s talk about sunglasses.

Boosting the sales on Tom Ford Miranda

kyle richards tom ford sunglasses

Image Source: thesuburbandiary.wordpress.com

When it comes to fashionable sunglasses, Kyle does know how to set a trend among the other housewives: she was the first to rock the Tom Ford Miranda glasses, which can be shopped at ShadesDaddy.com. Kyle wore a pair of Tom Ford Miranda shades in one episode of the popular reality show which features the most quick-tempered wives of Beverly Hills, setting the scene for a new type of look. The housewives went from Channel bling to Tom Ford neutrals, which were soon spotted all around the neighborhood after Kyle wore them on the beach, in Hawaii.

Advancing on the classics

From Tom Ford, Kyle Richards went to another sleek look: the classic aviator shades. After rocking the neutrals, Kyle went further and attacked the iconic: she wore a pair of mirrored Ray Bans, which offered her a mysterious and powerful look. As the original Ray Bans were designed for the aviators in 1930s, these glasses took fashion to another level, as everyone wanted to wear the same shades worn by the heroes of the sky. And Kyle Richardson also wanted to be part of history, so she paired her Ray Bans aviator shades, which you can shop at ShadesDaddy.com, with a simple black jumpsuit and some golden accessories for an elegant look.

Kyle Richardson took this classic look one step further and wore a pair of leather-sided aviator shades on her flight to Amsterdam. These provide extra protection, as they have an additional piece of leather on the sides, which prevents the sunlight from hitting the eyes from the sides. Pair this with the tint and the flash lenses which are usually found in a pair of high-quality Ray Bans and you have a versatile pair of sunglasses.

Fly high, my butterfly

In a selfie posted by Kyle, she made another fashion statement wearing a pair of oversized butterfly shades while cruising in a dream place. Her look was not overlooked by the fashion addicts, who soon started to shop for the black cage bikini, as well as for the butterfly sunglasses. And when it comes to shades, you can find any type of butterfly shades on ShadesDaddy.com. From the Dolce Gabbana butterfly lenses to the Carrera butterfly shades and the Dita Mariposa sunglasses, there are many lenses which can become your perfect pair of shades, so browse the website to get the Kyle Richardson look.

After all, you don’t need to be a desperate housewife to look fashionable 24/7!

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