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How Do You Remove Scratches from Sunglass Lenses?

[Disclaimer: The tips and suggestions in this article are just some that have worked in the past and MAY work toward improving scratches on your lenses. We always recommend to take your lenses to a professional optical or purchasing replacement lenses to make sure your vision is not impaired. However, these tips may greatly improve the scratches on your lenses so we wanted to publish it!]

Sunglasses- the ultimate fashion accessory and means of adding a cool and stylish element to a boring or dull outfit!

removing scratches on lensesMany individuals spend a tidy sum of money to purchase sunglasses which answer their need to present a chic image and add to their personal style. Other more practical individuals tend to select a pair of sunglasses which ensures them complete protection and unhampered vision, while engaged in various activities outdoors. Whatever the main reason, sunglasses have undoubtedly become the most important accessory for a number of people who wish for optimal ocular health along with making a personal style statement.

There is a wide variety of sunglass frame designs available in the market which enables everyone to make a choice according to their tastes and preferences. Sunglasses, being important, also require suitable care in order to prevent any damage to the stylish accessory. The most usual and irritating damage caused to a pair of sunglasses are scratches on their lenses.

It is not possible to use scratched sunglasses as it hampers the vision as well as the style of the individual. Most individuals get worried about how to deal with such a problem, and sometimes opt for a new pair resigning the old one as damaged goods. But there are a few handy tips which ensure the easy removal of scratches from the sunglass lenses, letting the owner rejoice in using their favorite pair of eyewear once more.

Use Of Brass And Silver Polish

Silver and brass polish is applied on the scratched surface of the lens with a cotton ball, and should be gently rubbed. The excess needs to be removed with a clean and lint free cloth. This process is repeated until the surface scratch has disappeared.

Employ Baking Soda Mixture

A thick paste of baking soda mixture, containing 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water, is applied on the scratched surface with a cotton ball in a circular motion. The action is repeated for 10 second and then the paste is rinsed off with cold water. The process can be repeated until the scratches disappear completely.

Apply Non Abrasive Toothpaste

For this method of removing scratches, it is important to choose a non-abrasive, non-whitening, non-gel and non-minty toothpaste, for use on the sunglass lenses. Regular toothpaste is rubbed on the scratches with a cotton ball, in a definite circular motion, for around 10 seconds. The toothpaste is then rinsed off and the excess wiped off with a lint free clean cloth. The process can be repeated until the scratches disappear.

Treat With Vehicle Wax

Vehicle wax is applied with a soft cloth on the scratched surface, in careful circular motions. The excess wax is wiped off with another piece of soft cloth. The process needs to be done with multiple clean cloths as wax tends to stick to the cloth easily.

Use Of Furniture Polish

Regular furniture polish is sprayed on the scratches and a lint free piece of cloth is used to rub the substance in through a circular motion until both the scratch and the polish disappears. This process is required to be repeated every few days as the effect only lasts for a short period of time.

One can also consult professional optometrists or the manufacturers of the scratched eyewear for assistance in removing the scratches from the lenses.

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