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Comparing The Oakley Frogskins vs. Garage Rock Sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses, which suit one’s personality and face shape and type, is an important element to be considered before opting for a particular model from the market. Sunglasses which completely cover the eyes from the ultra violet rays of the sun, and blue light, are essential to ensure the optical health and well being of an individual.

Many individuals have to work for long hours in the outdoors, and thus run a great risk of suffering from a large number of highly uncomfortable optical medical conditions, which cause severe distress and discomfort to the affected individual. The ultra violet and blue light which might harm the eyes and cause various serious problems in the individual, might affect the visibility of the person as well, resulting in greater problems.

The increasing awareness regarding the importance of protecting one’s eyes at all times while engaged in various activities outdoors, has prompted different sunglass brands to introduce special models, which can better answer the needs of the individuals, and also compliment their personality as well.

Besides serving as a highly effective means of protecting the eyes from the glares and ultra violet rays of the sun, sunglasses also serve as a very important fashion accessory, used by multitudes to easily couple style with better security. Oakley is a brand that offers a wide variety of sunglass models in the market, for the choice and use of a number of individuals, from various fields of life.

The Oakley Frogskins


The Oakley Frogskins are a popular model of the brand, which has a lightweight frame, which ensures easy and comfortable use by an individual. The frames of the Frogskins are highly durable and their unique design, serves to compliment the requirements of individuals who wish to opt for a sunglass frame, which offers a distinct and chic look.

The Frogskins have metal logos on the frame stems, and are available in a number of color options. The Oakley Frogskins are available in a dual lens shade option as well, and offers greater protection and blocks reflected glares, to ensure better visibility.

The Frogskin frames can easily accommodate prescription lenses, for the better convenience and comfort of the user, while engaged in various outdoor activities.

The Oakley Garage Rocks


The Garage Rock sunglass model was designed as a tribute to rock bands, and sports metal detailing which gives it a fun and amazing look. The frame is made of lightweight O matter, which ensures comfort and easy usage by the wearer.

The frames have been designed to be impact resistant and have a three point fit system, which ensures the perfect fit and great comfort. The sunglass lenses offer effective protection from ultra violet and blue light, and better visibility through an option of a polarized sunglass lens.

Both the Frogskins and the Garage Rocks have singular frame designs, which add an element of fun and rock to the personality of the user, with exquisite detailing and an option of various attractive colors to choose from. It depends upon the individual preference of an individual, which determines his choice from between the two popular sunglass models.


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