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Comparing The Ray-Ban 3025 vs. Ray-Ban 3362 // Aviators Battle.

Multiple brands all over the world offer a large variety of sunglass frames and lenses, specially designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of their highly diverse customer market. With the ever growing trend of sporting chic and stylish sunglasses to complete the overall look and appearance of an individual, fashion enthusiasts consider it as an essential accessory to compliment the individual style of a person.

But, sunglasses have transcended the dimension of being just an accessory to add elegance to one’s wardrobe, and have now become an important and elementary choice for protecting the eyesight of an individual. The advancement in science and technology has increased the awareness regarding the highly detrimental effect of the ultra violet rays of the sun on the optical health of an individual. Doctors actually recommend individuals to use suitable sunglasses for protecting their eyes from contracting any serious medical problems, which might affect the visibility of the person.

The different brands in the market have especially designed various lens tints and coatings for sunglasses to provide better protection options for individuals who engage in various outdoor activities. Ray-Ban is a brand which has served to provide a large customer market, with a large portfolio of sunglass frames, to enable them to easily have their pick from the large selection available.

The Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators 

The Ray-Ban RB3025 is a sunglass model which was initially created for the service personnel in 1937. The 3025 was created as the first of the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglass family, and has been the most popular addition to the brand portfolio, which is still coveted by multitudes all over.

The Ray-Ban RB3025 sunglasses is referred to as the Aviator Classic, and has a slim and highly stylish sunglass frame, with a large lens size, especially designed and manufactured to ensure better protection from sun rays. The frame is slim with a double and sometimes triple bridge, with the Ray-Ban logo on the lenses, which ensure great comfort and ease to the user.

The RB3025 is a model which compliments almost all face shapes, and is suitable for individuals with a medium sized face. The model ensures both style and comfort in one option. SHOP THE RAY-BAN RB3025.

The Ray-Ban RB3362 Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban RB3362 is also called the Cockpit, and belongs to the Aviator sunglass family of the famous brand. The 3362 contains all the stylish elegance and frame designs considered unique for the Ray Ban Aviators, and have taken the original style to new levels. The 3362 has a smaller frame model, with less dominant and pronounced lenses, which add a singular style to the Cockpit.

The Ray-Ban RB3362 sports the style preferred by the latest fashion conscious client market. The original Aviator style with a classic twist, to add individuality, chic elegance and great protection. The RB3362 model compliments and suits all face types, and is preferred by many for its slim and petite frame design.

In conclusion, the Ray-Ban RB3025 and the RB3362 are preferred by a number of die hard individuals all over, who wish to sport original Aviators, just like the famous celebrities. Both the models offer comfort and style with effective protection, and are available in a large variety of lens tints and coatings options, to cater to the individual needs of a person.

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