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Comparing Oakley Iridium vs Polarized Lenses – The Differences

What is the difference between Oakley iridium vs polarized lenses?

Just one of the many questions you might ask yourself when selecting sunglasses. From style, shape, and color right down to its prime utility, there is an infinite number of things you need to take into consideration. This has given rise to a number of debates evaluating alternatives – which one works better? A similar debate is the topic of discussion here. It is the debate between two types of Oakley lenses – Iridium lenses versus polarized ones.

What Are Iridium Lenses?

Unless you are living on extreme ends at either side of the equator, you would realize the day-to-day weather is quite unpredictable. One day it may be extremely sunny and the following day extremely foggy.  Thus, most lenses are built for specific environmental conditions. Hence a lens that works well in absolutely bright days may not work as well when it gets a little shady. As a result, this is one reason why there is no one-for-all solution when it comes to sunglasses.

oakley iridium vs polarized

In short, this is also the basic reason why Oakley iridium lenses are contrasted with polarized lenses in terms of their utility in clearing vision and blocking sunlight and harmful UV rays. Here is everything you need to know about the two lenses to help you decide.

Contrary to popular belief, Oakley iridium lenses do not refer to a special composition of the lens itself. Rather, it consists of a special metal oxide coating on the lens that exhibits specific properties. This coating allows you to tailor the lens according to specific environmental conditions.

The saturation and composition of this coating helps you to regulate the glare, reflection, light transmission and light absorption. In addition, you can vary the amount of light that is reflected off the lens. You can fine-tune these figures within a range of 9% and 92%.

This screening method has a lot to do with the wavelengths of light rays. Therefore, you might need to buy a large variety of iridium lenses for different environmental conditions. SHOP OAKLEY IRIDIUM LENS SUNGLASSES

Oakley Iridium Lenses Video Review

Oakley Polarized Lenses

oakley polarized lenses

Polarized lenses work as shields against discomforting glares. Oakley polarized lenses permeate Plutonite – Oakley’s signature lens material – around an integrated polarizer. This helps in clearing vision, minimizing deformation, and protecting the filter against damages by wear and tear. For Instance, Plutonite is capable of blocking out all harmful UV radiations and other light rays. In conclusion, this is one reason why polarized lenses are the preferred sunglass lenses for most people. SHOP OAKLEY POLARIZED SUNGLASSES

The Middle Way

It is clear that the two phenomena are mutually exclusive and can be used in combination for the best protection against harmful light rays. Therefore, most of Oakley’s polarized lenses include the iridium coating that helps in reducing glare and enhancing vision.

If you are looking out for the benefits of both without sacrificing on looks, the best solution is to go for Oakley’s polarized lenses that include the iridium coating as well.

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