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Nothing Says “I Love You” More Than a Pair of Sunglasses

Based on actual events. A True story. Written by Pablo Palatnik.

I’ll never forget that day. That day changed my life.

It’s true when they say the best things in life happen at the most unexpected moments.

While on a short trip to New York City, a friend phoned me to go meet him on the other side of town. I’m a taxi person–I get lost very easily. Actually, if I’m not with someone that can guide me, I just always feel like there’s no way I’ll get where I’m trying to go. I actually told him that I couldn’t make it, but he knew why I was saying that.

“Come on, man! Don’t be a pansy, just take the subway–you won’t get lost!” Ahhhhh! It was either take the subway and be a man, spend a lot of money on a cab, OR third option was just to stay around the city walking around the same places over and over until it was time to go back to the hotel to meet my friends. Whatever. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Get lost in a subway in New York City daytime? Sure. I’ll take my chances, I guess.

Riding the C-train downtown, nothing was on my mind but making sure to keep focused so I wouldn’t miss my stop. I had to transfer onto another train to make my final destination.

Awesome. I got off at the right stop. Boarding my second and last train I was finally relaxed. The subway wasn’t so bad, I could definitely do this again. Wearing my Lacoste shoes, tight jeans and v-neck with my sunglasses hanging from the neck, I was feeling pretty good.

I knew I had more than a few stops to go so I took out my iPhone and was messing around on it. When I looked up there she was. She was right in front of me, actually looking at me too! Oh, man. I had to make my move, right? Otherwise I would get off this train and hate myself for not saying anything, I knew it. So I did. I asked her if it was OK to sit next to her. “Run your best game,” she replied with a smirk that could honestly have killed me right there.

She had long brown hair with curls at the ends. Huge, beautiful brown eyes. No way was I getting off at my stop. Sparks flew. Emotions ran high. We talked about our likes and dislikes. Our favorite movies. What music we love. What music we hate. When the train arrived at its final destination, she held my hand. On the platform I turned to say goodbye, but instead I kissed her. I told her the only reason I had the courage to go up to her was because she kept looking at me. She laughed, “I was actually checking out your sunglasses, I love them.”

I took them from the neck of my shirt and told her she could have them.  I’ll never forget her and I know that she’ll never forget me…not unless she loses those sunglasses.

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