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What Kind of Sunglasses Does Kellin Quinn Wear?

kellin quinn sunglasses ray-ban wayfarer

kellin quinn sunglasses ray-ban wayfarer

Long black hair, mesmerizing green eyes, tattoos, sleeping with the sirens – need I say more? Yes? Okay, here is another clue: he never leaves his house without his Ray Ban sunglasses. You are right, I am talking about Kellin Quinn, the lead singer of Sleeping with the Sirens. I believe there is no need for an introduction about who Kellin Quinn is or the band he is playing in, considering that Sleeping with the Sirens is taking over the world of alternative-rock and their fans from all around the globe are going totally craze about that.

But what about his signature sunglasses, the amazing Ray Ban shades we always see him with?

In one of their acoustic videos of “If You Can’t Hang”, we see Kellin with a pair of unisex Ray-Ban Signet Sunglasses. It is a classic style with rounded oval lenses and polarized lenses, featuring an eye catching gold frame with horizontal bands at the front corners, nose bridge and ear stems with rounded end pieces that layer the shiny smooth temples. Since their appearance in 1953, the Signet Sunglasses received a lot of updates throughout the years. The most important were the modernizing of the lenses, changing the normal ones with G-15 grey lenses (providing comfort and protection even in the most surprising situations and true color vision), introduction of a new metal frame called Ray-Ban Caravan, and a squarer edition that Robert De Niro was wearing in the famous movie Taxi Driver. In 1958, Ray Ban came up with a special range, dedicated to women, which included frames in different colors and patterns according to the contemporary fashion style.

We can often see Kellin wearing colored sunglasses. They give him a special appearance, making him look childish and playful. When he prefers to adopt this look, he always uses his Ray Ban Justin sunglasses, one of the coolest styles in the Ray Ban collections. They have larger rectangle lenses than the previous editions, a rubberized frame to make them unique (and to make it impossible to leave ugly fingerprints on them), and of course, you can find them in various fresh colors (the frame and the lenses as well) such as turquoise, red, fuchsia or matte blue.

But the one pair of shades he wears the most is the Original Wayfarer Classic. Need I say more about them? They are practical and always in style, with their black lenses and frames, being the most recognizable sunglasses in the world since their release in 1952.

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