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What Kind of Glasses Does Andrew Garfield Wear in Spiderman?

You might have heard of many girls going weak in the knees when they hear his name. Andrew Garfield, with his charismatic attitude and the cocky smile is someone who can sport the geeky look like no other star!

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All of us remember the geeky, yet classy, glasses that Andrew Garfield had sported in the Amazing Spiderman films as Peter. Peter Parker, the quintessential nerd, had to don a pair of spectacles to do justice to his dorky character. The black, square-rimmed that Peter Parker wore brought back the retro, nerdy style in the 2000s. Even though the glasses that Peter wears originally belong to his dad, after the star, Andrew Garfield, sported these in his film, they became an instant trend! These statement glasses give a person an intelligent and smart look, and who would not like a dorky superhero! Many other stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Hathaway, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake have sported these statement glasses for red carpet events as well.


Armani Exchange AX 3012

Armani Exchange AX 3012

The thick black rimmed spectacles are a rage right now. And these particular frames that are worn by Andrew in Amazing Spiderman are from Oliver Peoples; these logo free glasses will instantly pep up your look. Best paired with a button-down shirt, and a pair of for simple trousers, this look was adapted by a number of people as soon as the Amazing Spiderman was released. These black geek glasses are suited for people who have a long and chiseled face. The vintage frames make all the difference to one’s personality in a matter of seconds, and are the perfect camouflage for a superhero in disguise.

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Raen Squire Brown White Pin Eyeglasses

Glasses have been a conventional concealment for a number of superheroes that we love, right from Clark Kent to our very own Spiderman, we have seen them all hiding behind the broad lenses to mask their identity. In the previous version of the Spiderman, we have seen the other star, Toby Maguire also sporting a pair of similar glasses that helped with the dorky look. But, no one has managed to rock the geek look like Andrew Garfield. These glasses are the main reason that helped him carry off the character that well too! Andrew looks hot and studious at the same time with the hipster glasses. What can give these glasses a modern twist is the color. Play with the colors, and accentuate them more according to your personality. Blue, acid green, purple, or even pink! Choose a color and own a pair of these evergreen glasses. After all you don’t need a reason to flaunt your style!

Raen Simmons Brindle Tortoise Eyeglasses

Raen Simmons Brindle Tortoise Eyeglasses


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