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What Are Good Aviator Sunglasses for Men?

What Are Good Aviator Sunglasses for Men? When asked this question, there’s so many I can think of that I think are awesome aviators for men. However, the question really is, what makes a good pair of aviator sunglasses? I think its about quality + design + fit. You may start throwing some things as price in the mix but I think those 3 trump the list of the qualifier of what makes a good pair of aviator sunglasses for men, or specifically FOR YOU.

1. RAY-BAN CLASSIC AVIATORS: A beautiful, iconic, classic design for the ages. The Ray-Ban Aviator may be one of the most, if not the most, iconic aviator sunglasses of all time. A must for any mens wardrobe to be on point. Comes in incredible variety of colors, polarized options and mirror lens color options. PRICE RANGE: $100-200




2. LEPAUL PILOT: A classic shape like the Ray-Ban Aviator, with premium quality and beautiful detail, the LePaul Pilot is a great choice to add to your sunglasses collection and turn some heads. Comes in many different colors and mirrored lenses available. PRICE RANGE: $69-80



3.  PERSOL MCQUEEN: May be the most ‘gentlemanly’ and beautifully crafted and designed pair of aviator shaped sunglasses. The Steve McQueen Persols are just out of this world. PRICE RANGE: $199-$399 (Sold on Amazon.)


persol mcqueen sunglasses




4. RETROSUPERFUTURE BELLOCCIO: A beautiful aviator design + insane style – the RetroSuperFuture Belloccio is what we may call a “boss” frame. Just look at it…you know what’s up. PRICE RANGE: $379


5. DOLCE & GABBANA DG 2099: May be one of the most popular if not THE most popular Dolce & Gabbana aviators for men from the brand in recent history. The DG2099 has flash and glare that you will love if that what you’re into. PRICE RANGE: $250-350





6. BLUBLOCKER: For the price, the Blublocker is a staple that you’ve seen in a convinience store and has come in and out of style. Most notable lately in the famous film, The Hangover, BluBlockers always make for a good casual occassion. PRICE RANGE: $32 (sold on Amazon.)



7. THE NO BRAND AVIATOR: Are you the guy that always says you don’t want to spend money on sunglasses because you’ll break or lose them? Lot of you out there. You’ll ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS want a pair of Aviators in your collection because it makes any outfit look better. So, if you don’t want to spend the money, take the no brand approach but get yourself a pair of stylish aviators. In MANY different colors.  PRICE RANGE: $19.99-29.99



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