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Do Polarized Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

polarized lenses blocking blue lightExposure to ultra violet light, results in a number of highly dangerous diseases and medical problems. Individuals usually have to deal with the trouble of acquiring suitable protection from ultra violet light, while working outdoors in the sun.

People, who are engaged in various daily outdoor activities, have to deal with the painful glares of the sun in their eyes which besides being inconvenient might also result in acute visibility problems. The reason for the discomfort are the horizontal glares of the sunlight on the roofs, roads and water surfaces, which reflect the high density ultra violet light into the eyes. Prolonged exposure can result in a number of highly painful visibility problems.

Blue light is a form of ultra violet light, which is included in the ultra violet light spectrum, and causes severe damage to the eyes, with prolonged exposure.

Blue Light and Its Hazards

Blue light is a special light included in the ultra violet spectrum of sunlight, which causes severe photochemical retinal injury. The high radiation effects of this light, prompts an oxidative damage to the lens and retina of the eye, which affects the visibility of the individual who has been exposed to the blue light.

The biggest threat posed by blue light to the visibility and eyesight of an individual is the impact it has in the rapid development of age related macular degeneration. Blue light also disrupts sleep during the nights because of its effects on the nervous system, which effects the regulation of melatonin, which is a sleep hormone in the body.

In order to protect eyesight, it is essential for an individual to take suitable steps to prevent prolonged and direct exposure to ultra violet and blue light. Polarized sunglasses are the answer to this problem.

Polarized Lenses- Effective Protection against Blue Light

Regular sunglasses do not offer sufficient protection from the ultra violet light of the sun. Tinted lenses also do not provide suitable protection, as they are not manufactured to prevent the blue light from easily filtering through the sunglass lens.

Polarized lenses are specially designed and manufactured lenses, which ensure proper protection from exposure to blue light. This is due to the vertical design on the lens frames, which prevents the horizontal reflected light, from causing harm to the eyes. As the ultra violet and blue light is prevented access to the eyes through the use of the polarized sunglass lenses, people who work outdoors do not have to suffer from exposure to sunlight.

In order to protect their eyes from the harmful and dangerous effects of the blue light, it is best for individuals to use sunglasses with polarized lenses. This lens coating provides suitable and highly effective protection from the dangerous ocular diseases that this light can cause.

Getting polarized sunglasses can ensure your eyesight remains in top condition. Not only will this critical organ remain protected from the harmful blue rays but it will also increase productivity for those who work in the great outdoors.  BUY POLARIZED SUNGLASSES

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