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My Ray-Ban Lens Broke – What Do I Do?

People call us or email us letting us know their Ray-Ban lenses broke on their favorite pair and want to know how they can get it fixed, get a new one, etc. is one of the largest, if not the largest, retailer of Ray-Ban parts, specifically lenses & temples.

When you Ray-Ban lens breaks, we can replace it for you. Either with the authentic lens (if it is still manufactured by Luxottica / Ray-Ban,) or we can custom make lenses for your frames that way you can keep using your favorite pair and always keep it. A lot of people actually throw away a pair once the lenses break! YIKES – Please do not do that!

Want to replace your Ray-Ban Lenses? See how HERE.

The first thing you must do is find out exactly what model you have and this can be found using the image below. ALL Ray-Ban sunglasses have the style code on the one of the arms.

ray ban replacement lenses

See the video below:


Want to replace your Ray-Ban Lenses? See how HERE.

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