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Difference between Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 & Cockpit 3362

If you’re in the market looking to buy a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, a lot of the time you might be comparing the Ray-Ban RB 3025 vs. The Ray-Ban cockpit RB 3362.

Let’s point out the main differences:

1. SHAPE: The shape of the classic Ray-Ban Aviator RB 3025 is the classic original aviator with a ‘tear-drop’ designed frame. The Ray-Ban cockpit 3362 while has an aviator shape, it’s  much less subtle and a squarish aviator shape and not a tear drop.

2. MATERIAL: They both are made out of metal.

3. SIZE: The Ray-Ban Aviator and Ray-Ban Cockpit come in two different sizes which makes them extremely different from one another. The Ray-Ban classic Aviator comes in 3 different sizes (CLICK HERE FOR A FULL RAY-BAN 3025 SIZE REVIEW,) 55m, 58mm and 62mm. The Ray-Ban Cockpit come in two different sizes, 56mm and 59mm.

4. MADE IN:  The Ray-Ban classic Aviators till this day are all made in Italy, meanwhile the Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses are now being made in China.

5. BRIDGE: The classic Ray-Ban Aviator maintains a straight top bar bridge while the Ray-Ban Cockpit has a down-curved bridge.





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