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Comparing Ray-Ban RB 8301 vs. RB 8302

The advancement in science and technology has resulted in the introduction of highly sophisticated methods and technological innovations, which have served to facilitate a better human life, full of comfort and security.

In the field of eyewear, science and latest technology has also left its mark, making the industry segment more advanced and ensuring the use of various techniques, to ascertain improved eyewear models, which have offered better protection and visibility options to multitudes. Sunglasses are a very important accessory and special protection eyewear, which have been used for decades, to ensure glare protection and serve as a style statement for fashion enthusiasts.

The increasing awareness amongst the masses about the highly detrimental effect of the ultra violet and blue light, on the eyes of an individual, has resulted in the demand for sunglasses, which provide effective protection. Prolonged exposure to UV light might result in certain optical medical conditions that affect the visibility and overall optical health of an individual, which has increased the need for sunglasses which ensure unhampered vision and clarity.

A number of brands operating in the market, offer sunglasses which offer their users highly advanced methods of protection, coupled with highly attractive frames and lens designs, which assist individuals to enjoy complete security, comfort and elegant style, all in one choice. Ray Ban is a brand which offers a wide portfolio of different sunglass frames and designs to an ever widening customer market.

The Ray-Ban RB8301 Sunglasses

The Ray Ban 8301 is a sunglass model, designed with the inspiration taken from the Ray Ban Classic Aviator design model, and sports the same slim and chic style as the original, but with a modern twist. The 8301 is the embodiment of innovation and new style, while keeping its roots in the traditional design of the Aviator.

The 8301 model has a frame which has been designed with a carbon fiber and resin material, for lightweight, flexible and highly impact resistant features. The lenses are smaller and rounded in shape as compared to the original Aviators, and have slim and stylish earstems with a slender fiber temple, for chic elegance. The lenses are also available in an option of polarized, hydro oleophobic and anti reflective coatings, for the choice of the user. SHOP RAY-BAN 8301 NOW.

The Ray-Ban RB8302 Sunglasses

The 8302 model has been designed with an inspiration from the model Cockpit sunglasses, with a touch of modern elegance and chic style. The lenses of the Ray-Ban RB8302 are smaller and contoured in size, with a distinct square shape, which add to the appeal of the model.

The frame has been designed, using a resin and carbon fiber composite material, which is very light in weight, and offers great impact resistant features. The elongated and slim temples, are made of carbon fiber, and have the Ray Ban logo which marks the model as distinct from others.

The temple tips have rubber for convenient grip and support, and the lenses are available in a choice of polarized and anti glare options.

Both the Ray-Ban RB8301 and the 8302 depict the innovative sunglass style designs offered by the brand, which offer modern style, comfort and protection while keeping true to the original beauty of the original models. SHOP RAY-BAN 8302 NOW.

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