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Comparing Carrera Champion vs. Carrera Endurance Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential style accessory and have become a mode of a fashion statement, which facilitates individuals to sport a model, which compliments a person’s personality and adds to the individuality they seek.

A large portfolio of sunglass models and varieties are available in the market, to address the special needs of an individual, for working in the outdoors, with comfort and great ease. Sunglasses have evolved from a simple accessory to a highly efficient and effective means of protecting the eyes of an individual, from the harmful rays of the sun. The ultra violet and blue light, can cause a number of very serious medical conditions, which can affect the visibility of an individual. The different optical medical conditions, can cause serious strain and discomfort to an individual, which might require a long and extended medical treatment, to recover the clear visibility and comfort of the eyes.

The realization of and awareness about the serious impact of the effect of the ultra violet light on the visibility of an individual, has prompted multitudes of individuals, to seek sunglass models which offer superior protection, with the added convenience of great comfort and style.

Nowadays, style and comfort go hand in hand, with individuals seeking models in the market, which offer both benefits in one. Due to the rising demand of the customer market, for stylish sunglasses, which offer great glare protection as well, various brands operating in the market, offer specially designed models which deliver on both factors,

Carrera is a brand which offers a variety of choices for sunglass models in the market, which cater to the needs of the customer market, with their unique and highly distinguished frames and model designs.

The Carrera Champion


carrera champion black sunglasses


The Carrera Champion is a sunglass model offered by the brand, which is available in a large variety of highly attractive and appealing colors, to provide customers with ample opportunity to choose the color, which suits their personality best.

The Champion sports a pilot frame style, with a shaded lens feature, which adds to the distinct style and singular design of the sunglass model. The frame material is optyl, with a temple length of 125 mm. The large eye shaped frame, has a slim ear stem to add more elegance to the style of the model, with the logo on the ear stems, which compliment the sophisticated design of the model. SHOP CARRERA CHAMPION HERE.

The Carrera Endurance


carrera endurance sunglasses tortoise


The Carrera Endurance is also a pilot shaped sunglass model, offered by the brand, which offers a shaded lens feature, to give a more chic style to the design. The Endurance is available in a variety of very charming colors, which elevate the beauty of the model, and make it more pronounced.

The frame has a design, with the front made of optyl material, and the temple section of the model made of metal, which ensures an improved grip and comfort of the user. The design of the Endurance model, has a 130 mm temple length, with a wider and more pronounced bridge.

Both the Carrera Champion and the Endurance offer a wide selection of frame and lens colors, to interested individuals, to add an element of exquisite style to their outdoor accessory. SHOP CARRERA ENDURANCE HERE. 

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