Which Ray-Ban Aviator is the Most Popular?

Without a doubt in our minds, the most popular Ray-Ban Aviator is RB 3025. This is the style you think of when someone says Top Gun.

All Ray-Ban Aviators RB 3025 are identical design-wise and are available with the following features:

    • 3 sizes – 55mm (small), 58mm (medium), 62mm (large)
    • Variety of color combinations – gold, silver, black frame
    • Many options for lens colors – green, black, mirror, silver, gradient, etc.



Over the years, Ray-Ban has created a few additional variations of the Aviator; they maintain the same classic design as the Aviator RB 3025, but added some cool, functional features. Below is a list of all the other Ray-Ban Aviator options.



  • Typically, the classic Ray-Ban Aviator do not have polarized lens
  • The Titanium Polarized RB 8041 has polarized lens which reduces glare
  • Extremely light weight due to titanium frame
  • See some more different colors of Ray Ban Titanium Polarized Aviators RB 8041


  • Made of a new bio-material semi-crystalline thermoplastic used in aerospace, automotive, and for medical implant technology
  • Extremely light and durable provided from the plastic frame design
  • Polycarbonate lenses are also available polarized with a hydro-phobic coating which resists liquids from falling on the lens
  • See some more Ray Ban Liteforce Aviator RB 4180 


  • Unique twist on the classic Aviator with a double bridge and acetate trimmed brow bar
  • Thin temples which accentuate the vanity bullet hole in the center of the frame
  • Shop Ray Ban Aviator Shooters RB 3138


  • Fold your sunglasses into a compact size that fits in a smaller company sunglass case that fits in your pocket
  • Polarized and Gradient crystal lenses
  • Check out the Ray Ban Folding Aviators RB 3479


  • 3 interchangeable lenses
  • Each Flip Out style comes with 1 primary color lens (black above), 1 polarized lens (silver-purple above), and 1 fashionable gradient color lens (blue above) to give you three Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses options
  • Lenses made of gold memory metal and APX plastic lenses with 100% UV protection
  • See the other Ray Ban Flip Out Aviator RB3460 color combos

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