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What are the Best Sunglasses to Wear With a Suit?

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Sunglasses, like so many accessories out there, came into being for practical purposes. It is another thing that it involved into more of a fashion statement and the practically went from there to products like portable sun visors and other UV protection items.

Today, sunglasses are important in showcasing your personal flair and style. Some people own more than 30 pairs of these just so that they can match them with the day’s outfit. No matter what season it is, sunglasses are a daily prescription that many people are tasked with wearing anytime the sun is out.

So if the day dictates that you don your suit, put away your sports sunglasses; just keep those away! It is very important that you look all businessman-like when you are dressed for success.

The Rules

What you need to do is opt for a pair of sunglasses like Aviators; these are neither fancy nor too flashy. They are your standard style, metal framed shades with dark lenses. And no, put down the reflective ones, they do not bring out the creative person in you; they make you look like a highway police officer present to participate in some ceremony.


Oakleys may be the best thing out there in the sunglasses world but not this time. Let them go. Opt for the classics.

Assess Your Own Look

Before you go on to get your new pair of sunglasses, make sure that you do your homework on what kind of sunglasses look good on which face shape. If you are still not sure, take a friend along who you know will give you the brutally true opinion on how the pair of shades looks on your face.

What Event Are You Attending

The best way to determine how you should put together your wardrobe including the glasses is that you need to match the setting and the occasion. There are plenty of different kinds of suit affairs.

In the summer time, sunglasses are a very important part of your outfit. For instance, if you are to attend a funeral, you will feel more comfortable with all dark lenses for your sunglasses and the ideal frame is a classic one, like the wayfarers. In the same way, if it’s an entertainment event with a dress code, you can do well with the most stylish and edgy sunglasses out there. But remember, whatever you go for, stay away from sportswear and ray bans with reflective lenses.

Are They Really Good?

It is not just the type of sunglasses that determine whether you should wear these or not, you need to get one that is genuinely good. Good quality speaks for itself. Sunglasses that are crafted from flexible plastics would easily lie in the casual category. Sunglasses that are made from finer materials look a lot more formal. The overall design of the glasses matters a whole lot too. The safest color options for suits are darker or metallic colors.

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