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What Sunglasses Does Noel Gallagher Wear ?

Noel Gallagher – He is somebody who wears his heart on his sleeve. Ask him about anything under the sun, and he will tell you what exactly he thinks of it. As effective as the songs of Oasis that he writes, sings, and performs, Noel Gallagher’s dressing sense has the same effect on people as well.

A trend setter and a connoisseur when it comes to style, Noel Gallagher makes a statement wherever he goes, and whenever he goes.  He makes sure he is seen, and heard, and very well talked about too.

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Liam in Ray-Ban 3447 Sunglasses

Noel Gallagher has made a few heads turn with his jackets and his sunglasses that he had sported to a few events, and even in some music videos. Not too loud with his style statements, Noel mostly believes in keeping it a little low. Being pretty sunglasses savvy, he had sported some very salient and conspicuous sunglasses over the years. The one that were most striking were the rectangular shades from Ray-ban that Noel prefers to wear.

Keeping it smart and casual all the time, Noel Gallagher actually sports rectangular frames that are of a perfect size to suit his face. These casual yet sexy aviators that Gallagher sports usually wear are a tad bit different from the regular aviators that we see on people every day. These aviators have squared edges rather than the full edges of the regular avaitors. These avaitors have a timeless appeal to them, and can be worn at anytime.

Other iconic sunglasses that Noel Gallagher has sported in one of his music videos are the circular, re-tinted glasses that the star had worn in his “Don’t look back in anger” video. These sunglasses were instantly noticed, and had become a trend back then! The round, circular glasses are back in trend again, and they give you an unconventional and edgy look! The round and gold-rimmed glasses stood out through the video, and looked really hip.

The metallic goggles from the video “Don’t look back in anger” that Noel Gallagher worn are a retro trend now, and many people are sporting these round framed glasses today. It was not the first time that Noel had worn these kind of glasses as these could be seen in the video of “Wonderwall” as well, where we could see the reflection of lights in the round frame of the glasses.

Being an ardent admirer of John Lennon from the Beatles, Noel Gallagher sports these glasses quite often.  The round framed goggles are actually a signature trend of John Lennon, and to show his respect and the band’s admiration for Lennon, Noel has sported these shades in many of his videos.

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