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What Sunglasses Does Val Kilmer (ICEMAN) Wear in Top Gun?

Looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses to be your best wingman? They’ve been showing TOP GUN all week on TV and this is a movie you may see once or so throughout the year, at least if you love it as much as I do! We’ve already covered the sunglasses Tom Cruise / Maverick wears. Now, when you watch Top Gun, there’s one character that besides Tom Cruise, steals the spotlight – and that’s the hated but then loved, ICEMAN played by Val Kilmer which throughout the movie just has a really cool, specially, of course, his sunglasses.

ICEMAN is wearing a pair of Ray-Ban (or American Optical) SHOOTER sunglasses. For the Ray-Ban Shooter, the model is the RB 3138. Some of its unique stylish features are the sweat top bar as well as the round keyhole in the center of the frame. A true pair of aviator sunglasses.

ray ban shooter sunglasses


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