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What sunglasses does Kevin Harvick Wear?

What sunglasses does Kevin Harvick Wear?

He ensures that each of his sunglasses has passed Kevin Harvick wears shatterproof sunglasses made of polycarbonate lenses that conform to latest military standards. High velocity and high mass impact standards set by ANSI to maintain optimum durability and security to his eyes. As he also faces dangers relating to high temperature spikes during his game, he chooses frames that are made of metal alloy-based compounds as they have a high heat density. His sunglasses conform to latest ballistic standards and are mostly worn by military and intelligence personnel.

The glasses are made of polycarbonate and have a lining of an organic metal alloy that provides 100% protection from the sun’s rays. The material also ensures that the glasses maintain high clarity and contrast even during scorching sunlight. The glasses have a T-Shell membrane that forms a hard coating over the lens, therefore avoiding any scratches even in harsh conditions. The Foil TM lens that can be replaced in some of his glasses provides anti fog protection along with repulsion of oil and water from the lenses.

Tunnel vision is induced in the glasses through Warp back lens technology as it allows excellent peripheral awareness and is easily interchangeable with other lens types.  The trendy design and embedded technology fit the glasses at perfect positions on the face without inducing any uneasiness. Even though majority of the lens material is made of metal compounds, it is extremely light weight and easy to carry around. The unique property of the material allows interchangeability between lenses within minutes.

Selecting such a sunglass for your sports requirements can be tough. Therefore you need to list all kinds of specification that you require from your next professional sunglass. Most of the major brands use durable alloys to create a frame perfect design. These professional sports sunglasses are ideal for any scenario. For rough games like car and bike sports, the companies design unique and innovative glasses made of new metal alloys that allow the drivers to focus on their driveway instead of facing problems due to their eye wear and accessories. You can find major sunglass brands on shadesdaddy. Brands like Oakley manufacture professional sports glasses that conform to the latest standards set by ANSI. These standardized glasses are perfect accessories that can greatly optimize your game play and also ensure optimum protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The unique sun repellant materials used on the lenses effectively reflect UV radiations that may otherwise damage your eyes. The contrast of the lens allows you to see perfectly even in low light conditions.

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