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What Sunglasses Does Joaquin Phoenix Wear in Walk The Line & I’m Still Here

joaquin phoenix sunglassesWatching WALK THE LINE the other day on TV, I couldn’t help but notice the sunglasses Joaquin Phoenix was wearing. If you’re a JP fan, you must have not only seen Walk the Line but also I’m Still Here, his spoof documentary about putting everything behind to become a rapper. In both movies, Joaquin Phoenix is wearing a pair of Wayfarers. While he may not be a fashion icon, you have to admit JP is one cool looking dude and on the big screen, the sunglasses are a part of that. The most popular Wayfarer in the world of course, is the Ray-Ban Wayfarer which is the original Wayfarer with the name.

Regular Wayfarers:


Check out the RAY-BAN WAYFARER:


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