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What Sunglasses Does Howard Stern Wear?

Howard Stern SunglassesSunglasses have for long been a style statement that celebrities endorse. Earlier they were considered an accessory for the beach, but today, they are being sported everywhere, indoors included. Finding the right pair is tricky but Howard Stern, American radio and television personality, has found that elusive pair that suits his personality down to pat.  As a judge on the popular show America’s Got Talent, Stern is seen sporting a pair of Serengeti glares.  Sunglasses, apart from defining your personality, make you look cool, no pun intended.  Howard Stern has made sunglasses an essential part of wardrobe of every man who believes in making a statement without obviously doing so.  In the 90s, he was known for wearing tea shades that he never removed in public. But when selecting sunglasses, like Stern, see what suits you.  Don’t just buy something that looks good on all square-jawed men! Because what looks good on that square jawed hulk on screen may look odd on you.  There is no generalization when it comes to sunglasses.

Sunglasses come in many models, the top being aviator, gradient lens design, flip up, mirrored, tea shades, wayfarer, shutter shades, wrap designs around and clip on designs.  Summer 2014 saw several models made popular by celebrities.

When you buy the ideal pair for yourself, look for fit – light and comfortable – is good, especially if you plan to wear them out of doors.  And do try to avoid buying a pair that rest on your cheekbones.  You will be wearing the glasses for long hours and you do not want them to tire you out.  Pick up a pair that has UVA/UVB protected and polarized lenses.

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There are many sites that will help you find the right pair for you, depending on the shape of your face, your color, where you intend to use them and what clothes you intend to match them with.  If you are more prone to wearing formal clothes, pick up something like the Gucci medium aviators and avoid colored lenses.  But if you are more often found in casuals, Nike and Oakley will work just fine.

Whatever you buy, make sure you feel good about them. Comfort lends confidence and to carry of a great pair of glasses, they should be part of you. So find something that suits your looks, your profession and your personality.  Howard Stern has shown that if the glasses become you, they can be worn practically anywhere.  That should be your target too.

So go splurge on a pair that will suit you as much as Howard Stern’s Serengeti glares.

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