What Are The Best Sunglasses Colors for Olive Skin?

sunglasses for skin tones

So now you are well versed in understanding what sunglasses to rock according to your face shape on a casual sunny day or when indulging in a sports activity, but is that all that you need to look for when shopping for shades? Not really. You need to decide on a color next.

Here we will particularly take a look at the shades that go with olive skin tones. The reason why skin tone is so important when choosing shades is because certain colors play in favor of your natural features while others leave you looking a little out of place.

If olive is your skin tone, you should be looking for frames that have yellow based hues. The basic frame colors that will most likely look good on you are ivory, tan, yellow, olive, brown, orange, gold, and red.

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Bright Color Tones

If your olive skin color leans a little lighter shade, then you can go for darker or brighter shades. For example, certain shades of purple look great on your skin. You may have to experiment a bit in front of the mirror before you invest in the one. The other color categories that will look great on you are bright colors: red, orange, and something along those lines. Right now, color mixing and matching is a trend. So if you want to steer a little away from the classic look, you might do great with popping colors. Again, with these you must go with trial and error start with the frame shape you know suits your face and then go from there.

Lighter Shades of Dark Tones

Matte black and brown are always a good choice. You can never go wrong with these. The frames of bright colors can easily bring out the essence of your fair skin tone. Lots of brands are launching so many cool new shades, why not check out those for a change? Ivory color looks great and chic. You can get these with dark tinted lenses and you need nothing more, the white shades will speak for you.

The colors that you absolutely need to stay away from is stunning green, anything that contrasts frames of black and gold even though black aviator shades look classy in all situations.

So what are you waiting for? Get your sunglasses now.

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