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What Sunglasses Does Raymond Reddington Wear?

raymond reddington sunglassesHow often have you marvelled at the famous Raymond Reddington’s impeccable dressing sense? Not only does he look dapper in a three-piece suit and a Fedora, but his sunglasses have also been all the rage in fashion circles. His sharp looks combined with astute intelligence complements the stylish sunglasses that he sports.

If you’re a diehard fan of Mr. Reddington, then you too can adorn his trademark pair of sunglasses and impress onlookers. His cognac-colored sunglasses not only embody grace and sophistication, but they would also look good on anyone wearing them. So, whether you have a square face or a broad jaw line, these classy sunglasses will instantly give you an edgy makeover.

Now, coming to these much talked-about sunglasses, they are a pair of cognac lenses encapsulated in a gold-toned frame. The lenses on the sunglasses of your favourite protagonist are approximately 55 mm in length, which means that it will give ample coverage to your eyes. Also, the sunglasses stretch from one temple to the other, so that there is no chance of sunlight peeking in and causing discomfort.

Raymond Reddington’s sunglasses not only have cognac-coloured lenses, but what’s more, they are polarized lenses. It means that you will have ample protection from sunlight and you don’t have to look at tinted objects all the time. What you see will be as clear as it can get when you have donned sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses not only offer better visibility, but also give you protection from harmful UVA rays.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because there is a cognac coloured tint on the sunglasses, they will be enough to protect you from the bright sunrays. Definitely Mr. Raddington will also agree with us, because after all one who is setting out to catch the world’s biggest criminals would want to own a pair of sunglasses that has impeccable clarity. Isn’t it?

Also, in case of normal tinted sunglasses, the intensity of sunlight seeping through the lenses is reduced, but they can still give you a moment of blindness. Imagine you are out on a beach wearing your cool pair of shades and suddenly you are all lost and momentarily blinded by the bright sunrays hitting you from all directions. At that moment rather than feeling the cool and calm attitude of Reddington, you will feel irritated and frustrated. So, what is your safest bet? Yes, opt for polarized lenses and better still if you can find a Blacklist-inspired pair of sunglasses, which is made from .75 mm thick polarized lenses as they offer better protection against sunlight and have greater impact resistance.

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