Can Sunglasses Have Prescription?

Individuals exercise great care while selecting suitable eyewear for their daily use. For people who have any eyesight condition or problem, doctors prescribe special eye lens with sometimes a specific type of coating, to ensure better vision and ease for the user.

While most individuals, who sport eyeglasses, opt for easily attachable magnetic sunglass lenses to protect their eyes outdoors, others wear prescription contact lenses with regular sunglasses, outdoors, to prevent the sun glares from hindering their vision. Though these are effective means of protecting one’s eyes, another more convenient option is to get prescription sunglasses made by your eye specialist.

can sunglasses have prescription

Prescription Sunglasses

For individuals who have sensitive eyes and need to cover them outdoors from the bright sunlight, find prescription sunglasses not only very convenient, but also highly effective. Many individuals are dubious regarding the possibility of having special prescription sunglasses made for them for protection against bright sunlight.

Prescription sunglasses are not only fairly easily manufactured and procured, but are also the most popular trend among individuals who wish for a convenient option for eye protection. Instead of worrying about the attachable magnetic sunglass lens and the safe use of contact lenses, while outdoors, it is very easy to use prescription sunglasses, for protecting one’s eyes, while enjoying a clear vision as well.

Variety of Available Options

Prescription sunglasses are available in a variety of different attractive and trendy brands in the market. The lens of almost all branded and regular sunglasses can be cut and made according to the doctor’s prescription, for ensuring great eye protection and good visibility while engaged in different outdoor activities.

Sunglasses having curved lens are not suitable for converting into prescribed lenses, as they do not present good visibility for the user. The curved edges of the lens blur the images and hinder visibility, because of which curved sunglass lens are avoided and straight lens are used for prescription sunglasses. Some brands have introduced lenses with subtle curves, which can be easily made into prescription lenses for sunglasses and provide good visibility, added with style.

These sunglasses are also available in the lens material of one’s choice, with plastic, glass and polycarbonate the most popular options used.

Available For Every Kind of Prescription 

The latest advancements in science and technology have made it possible for individuals with any special kind of eyesight problems or conditions, to enjoy wearing trendy prescription sunglasses. Individuals, who require bifocal or progressive lenses for their eyesight, can also have their sunglass lenses made according to the prescribed specifications of the doctor.


With prescription sunglasses, individuals enjoy unhampered vision, with adequate protection from the sunlight. For individuals with sensitive eyes, these sunglasses are the ideal option while they engage in different activities outdoors. The lenses provide protection from the glaring sun and also enable the user to enjoy superior visibility. The lenses ensure maximum ultra violet protection, and are the perfect alternative to the other means used to protect eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

It is not only possible for sunglasses to have prescription, but it is the most popular and effective way to protect one’s eyes while enjoying great visibility.

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