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Staying Cool Effortlessly with Von Zipper Sunglasses

Worried about your sunglasses making your look stuck up and stodgy? Keep your style in check with a pair of Von Zipper sunglasses. Founded by a group of friends that rocked the surfer style, Von Zipper sunglasses are perfect for adding flair to your look or just keeping your eyes shielded from the hot sun. Von Zipper is a company that understands the importance of looking and feeling cool, so they not only carry sunglasses and goggles, but have an expanded line that includes hats, shirts, and shorts that are sure to become a staple in the surfer-snowboarder-BMX fashion diet.

Von Zipper’s sunglasses manage to have a unique look while offering styles suitable for anyone. The multitude of Von Zipper frames range from the sexy and sleek Rockford, to the eye-catching Kickstand in white satin. Have a look:

Von Zipper Rockford Vib

The Von Zipper Rockford

Von Zipper Kickstand WAS

Kickstand by Von Zipper

Von Zipper doesn’t leave out the ladies, however. Are you looking for a pair of shades that are girly without covering half of your face up? Or maybe you have delicate features, or just need something new to shake up your morning look? Then look no further than Von Zipper’s Rosebud frames. These frames are skinny and sexy with purple-grey lenses that pop out! You’ll catch more than a few glances if you roll into your morning coffee stop wearing these hot shades.

Von Zipper Rosebud Black Grey

The Von Zipper Rosebud

What comes to mind when you hear the name Cletus? Does it make you think of the lovable yokel on The Simpsons, or perhaps some noble mountain-man clad in rugged lumberjack gear? Sure, sunglasses may not be the first thing to pop into your mind, but the name did when Von Zipper needed a moniker for this masculine style of frames. The tortoiseshell frames add a dash of extra style with a slight retro vibe that will make any man stand out in a crowd in a good way.

Von Zipper Cletus Tor

The Von Zipper Cletus with Tortoiseshell Frame

All men know the importance of sunglasses: they’re practical because you wear them on your face to avoid harm from UV rays to your eyes; they help reduce glare when you drive; they keep the harsh sun out of your eyes when you’re biking; and they make the bright snow bearable when you hit the slopes with your board. This doesn’t mean that a practical man should discount the importance of style, as Von Zipper demonstrates with their practical and sexy Suplex frames. With ice blue lenses, you know these sunglasses pack a lot of style with their function. And, since they’re named after a wrestliing move, what could be manlier?

Von Zipper Supplex BPU

Suplex by Von Zipper

If you’re searching for a great looking, top quality pair of shades that shows you make your own style rather than having it dictated to you, take a closer look at Von Zipper’s amazing range of sunglasses. You will not come away disappointed!

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