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Comparing Cheap vs. Expensive Sunglasses

One of the most discussed topics amongst consumers when it comes to sunglasses is shopping between cheap vs. expensive sunglasses. It is such a hard choice for us because many people believe that sunglasses are worth the money, others simply believe they don’t want to spend much money because they’ll lose them or break them easily. However, let’s compare cheap vs. expensive sunglasses and why some sunglasses are worth what they are worth and other factors.

cheap vs. expensive aviator sunglasses

When you are purchasing sunglasses, you’re paying for TWO things (most of the time:)



When it comes to quality, for the most part, price does talk to quality  – AGAIN – for the most part – this is true in almost any industry product. Quality has a price and that has to be calculated in the cost of the product. The better quality / craftsmanship a pair of sunglasses have, it will have a value added to it.

When it comes to quality, you have frame quality and lens quality. There are different types of lens quality (materials,) used that have different values.

– Plastic Lenses (cheapest lenses in the market a.k.a CR-39)

– Glass Lenses

– Polycarbonate Lenses

– Nylon Lenses

Lenses then also have features such as polarization coating that add value to the lens.

The second to look at is BRAND. This is what really sets off the price from one pair to another in many cases. If you’re wondering why – well its quite simple. Brands have what’s called equity value…they build their presence in the market by establishing their brand to a certain market / demographic to make sure it holds a certain value and this is all in its marketing budget and how brands are built.  For example – are a pair of Ralph Lauren / Polo sunglasses THAT much different in quality than let’s say a pair of Tory Burch sunglasses? No, not really – the main difference is the brand each product represents. Each brand has its value added to the product – what they perceive it to be and what the consumer is willing to pay for it.

Question is – are you willing to pay for quality? brand? both? Or just looking for a pair of shades that you don’t care much about but looks cool? Either way- we’re glad that SHADESDADDY.COM is the largest eyewear website that offers all price ranges to its consumers because we understand the different markets and want to offer something to everyone looking for a pair of shades. We know sunglasses are your quintessential accessory – and we have everything to choose from.


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