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Ray-Ban vs. Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Ray-Ban debuted with its classic pair of aviator sunglasses in the year 1937. They were initially designed for and distributed amongst World War II fighter pilots. These sunglasses gave them better protection when it came to flying in extremely sunny and bright weather conditions.

ray ban 2140 ray-ban com

Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, RB2140

Initially, Ray-Ban sunglasses were manufactured in the United States of America. But, in the year 1999, the company called Luxottica acquired Ray-Ban and ever since then, your favorite Ray-Ban aviators are manufactured either in Italy or China. Many people, especially the old fans of Ray-Ban are of the opinion that the company has lost its fine touch in sunglasses every since its acquisition by Luxottica. So, if you were looking for sunglasses that were manufactured in the US, then clearly Ray-Ban is not your go-to company.

However, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been known for their wire thin frames and the classic aviator shaped lenses. Some of you may not like the thin frame, if you are looking forward to covering your temple. But, actually the stylish thin frame will look good on anyone and the nose bridges have a perfect fit. What’s more, no matter what the size of your face is, chances are a pair of Ray-Ban aviators which measures 55mm in length will fit your face perfectly. These sunglasses are available in different shades like solid black, brown, mirrored ones with bluish tint, and also graduated lenses. Depending on your face, you can choose one that will suit you best.

Now, coming to the Randolph Engineering ones, first off all, they are manufactured in the USA and only the nose bridge is imported from another country. These sunglasses have gained a lot of popularity due to their sturdier frames, which give a better and more secure fit than their Ray-Ban counterparts. Currently, Randolph Engineering holds the contract for supplying sunglasses to the American military and NASA. Although they have sturdier frames and a curvy silhouette, they lose points when it comes to the nose bridge. It will take you some time and effort to bend the metal stalks so that they it perches on your nose perfectly.

Randolph Engineering sunglasses

Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Whether you are looking for a 52 mm length pair of sunglasses or a 57 mm length ones, you will be able to purchase both from Randolph Engineering. The traditional tear drop shaped sunglasses and the new Concorde from Randolph come in the previously-mentioned lengths. Additionally, Randolph’s frames are made from 18% nickel steel alloy, which prevent them from corroding or breaking.

Both Ray-Ban and Randolph have their USPs, but choose the one that suits your face-type and style the best!

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