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Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses Review

persol steve mcqueen sunglassesEvery style and fashion enthusiast who wishes to sport a chic and cool image is considered to be incomplete without the ever famous Steve McQueen sunglasses sported by the famous film star in the 1970’s.

Although a considerable amount of time has elapsed, the charm and glamorous attraction of the unique sunglasses worn by the famous movie star is still there. The Persol Steve Mc Queen sunglasses are known as the pair worn by the star in his popular movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”, which cultivated the stylish and cool image of the actor, in the seventies.

Some fashions and styles never go out of fashion, while others serve to come back in popularity and are accepted by the population with open arms and willing hearts. The Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses are a very good example of the evergreen and coveted popularity of the classic designs amongst the customer market, and in the hearts of the generations who wish to sport an identical cool look like thestylish actor.



The Steve Mcqueen Sunglasses

Besides being a symbol of a rich heritage and a popular item from history, the Steve McQueen sunglasses help fashion enthusiasts to actually discover and appreciate the exquisite detailing and design of the beautiful Persol pair of eyewear worn by the talented actor.

The sunglasses have a set of distinctive features which give them a unique and stylish appearance, making them the choice of many interested individuals willing to sport a look as glamorous and trendy as the popular actor.

The Frame Design

The Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses have a tortoise housing frame design, which gives the pair a unique look. The frame design is one of the most significant differentiating feature of the famous sunglass pair design in the market.

The frame style adds an element of trendy elegance, as well as gives a factor of chic and rugged style, to the personality of an individual.

The Unique Lens Color

The second characteristic feature of the Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses is the blue gradient lens color and effect, which have served to make the pair the adored style of a number of generations and fashion lovers for a matter of decades.

The singular blue gradient tinted sunglass lenses bring back the original stylish elegance and unique charm sported by the actor in his famous movie which has been marked in the annals of history as a feature much coveted by his fans and avid followers.

The Sunglasses Features

The sunglasses come equipped with a convenient folding feature, which sports multiple hinges with metal detailing, ensuring the simple and easy storing of the pair within their case. The logo of the brand is emblazoned on the side of the temple arm of the sunglass pair, and the lenses are crafted from a single sheet of acetate, which ensures a smooth and perfect vision.

The Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses are the ideal pair, designed as an inspiration of the famous eyewear, worn by the stylish actor. The sunglasses let multitudes of style enthusiasts enjoy the chic elegance afforded by the unique pair.


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