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Our Top Costa Picks

Our Top Costa Picks

Costa Del Mar sunglasses on ShadesDaddy offer some of the best anti-glare, and polarized sunglasses at some of the best prices on the market today. Whether you’re looking stylish or the best polarized boating sunglasses the industry has to offer, Costa’s got something for everybody. These are some of our top Costa picks. Shop this weekend and Save up to $50 on select Costa frames!

Our Top Costa Picks: The Latest Collection

Each of the latest styles we’ve selected come in your choice of 580P or 580G lenses for the lens quality only Costa Del Mar can provide. These pairs are stylish, trendy, and most importantly of all, they’re all on Sale at ShadesDaddy right now!

Tuna Alley

‘Tuna Alley’ by Costa Del Mar is an extra-large pair of sunglasses made for fishermen with big egos, big performance expectations, and heads that are, well, big. These sunglasses have a high-tech ventilation system and Hydrolite rubber, Costa’s very own proprietary, hypoallergenic rubber which prevents slippage around the nose, bridge, and temples for some of the best comfort and grip on the market today. Not only are they ready for big-game fishing, but they’re also perfect for protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays on those long days at the beach. Enjoy huge savings on Tuna Alleys at ShadesDaddy today.

tuna alley 2

Save at ShadesDaddy: $417 $227


‘Reefton’ by Costa Del Mar features an extra-large style of sunglasses made for your next boating trip. With Hydrolite nose and temple pads to make sure they’re comfy and don’t slip, this pair is a must-have for those long fishing trips on deep water. Featuring the latest scratch-resistant technology, it won’t be a big deal the next time you drop these. While offering the polarized, UV protection Costa’s always been known for, these performance pairs can get the job done under any and all circumstances. Save big on the entire Reefton Collection at ShadesDaddy today.

reefton pro

Save at ShadesDaddy: $417 $227

Our Performance 5


It’s hard to imagine ‘Rincon’ sunglasses not making our Performance 5 list when they’re some of the hottest, most stylish, full-coverage shades on the market today. Big coverage and a wide style make these the perfect combination of comfort and execution. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of lens and frame colors, so these are ready for whatever you’re preferred aesthetic is. Shop both of these iconic styles at ShadesDaddy today.

RINCON – 901807

Save at ShadesDaddy: $269 $187

RINCON – 901803

Save at ShadesDaddy: $389 $217


‘Blackfin’ by Costa Del Mar is a large pair of sunglasses designed for being miles offshore and close to the big fish. The Blackfins are among the most durable, trustworthy pairs for fishermen who need a close fit and flexible frames, and an easy selection as one of our top Costa picks. Hydrolite, co-injected lining ensures this grippy, tight fit stays that way for as long as possible. Whether you’re a life-long fisherman or just starting out, these are some of the best on the water today. Save big on both of these Blackfin pairs at ShadesDaddy today.


Save at ShadesDaddy: $404 $227


Save at ShadesDaddy: $299 $207


‘Fantail’ by Costa Del Mar is a medium pair of sunglasses for fans of the Blackfin who’d prefer a smaller fit while keeping the same legendary features as its larger predecessor. These modern frames fit a bit more narrower than the Blackfin but have the same Hydrolite lining to keep the frames from slipping on those wet days on the boat. We’re sure these will make your Performance 5 list once you’ve tried them on. Grab your pair of stylish Fantails for that next boat trip at ShadesDaddy today.

FANTAIL – 900626

Save at ShadesDaddy: $299 $207

our top costa picks

FANTAIL – 900613

Save at ShadesDaddy: $299 $207


‘Broadbill’ by Costa Del Mar is a large pair of sunglasses that’s ready for whatever you throw at it. You can use these on a mid-day stroll, but you can also rely on them while out at sea looking for swordfish; these have you covered. Featuring a sculpted large wrap and nonslip vented nose pads, these frames look great any way you look at them. Featuring bio-resin frames, made from all-natural, environmentally-friendly materials, are the perfect combination of brains and braun. Save big on these trending Broadbill’s at ShadesDaddy today.

our top costa picks

BROADBILL – 902120

Save at ShadesDaddy: $404 $227

our top costa picks

BROADBILL – 902107

Save at ShadesDaddy: $269 $197


‘Panga’ by Costa Del Mar is an extra-extra-large pair of women’s sunglasses and it’s an obvious choice to make our Performance 5 list because of its big style and even bigger coverage level. Featuring tri-fusion bio-resin construction, integral hinge, and CAM systems for next-level quality and style, these feminine frames have everything she’ll ever need in a pair of polarized frames. Shop both of these beautiful Panga’s at ShadesDaddy today.

PANGA – 903708

Save at ShadesDaddy: $299 $207

our top costa picks

PANGA – 903711

Save at ShadesDaddy: $374 $207

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