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What Oakleys Do Marines Wear?

marines sunglasses

Marines are required to wear sunglasses. The deployed troops are allowed to wear protective eye wear that is from the approved Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL). The list contains 20 to 30 different models, and has different varieties, such as SG-1 (cross between sunglasses and goggles), full face mask goggles and the single lens wraparound.

Replaceable clear lenses are allowed as well as prescription lenses, because contact lenses are not allowed due to eye injury and infections. The list also contains some models from Oakley, such as the SI version 2.0 (a wraparound). A lot of marines prefer to buy Oakley, because the sunglasses are light, durable and long lasting.

The Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) is made from the recommendation of several opthamologists, so that the eyes remain protected during combat. Eye injuries were a matter of great concern amongst the marines, which is why the list of eyewear was issued. For people who are positioned on higher posts, it is mandatory to wear eyewear.

Oakleys That Marines Wear

Here is a list of Oakleys that marines wear:




Why Are Sunglasses Important For marines

Sunglasses are important for marines because of the following reasons:

UV Protection

The harmful rays from the sun can cause benign growths, snow blindness and cataracts. A good pair of Oakley keeps these problems away.

Blue-Light Protection
Exposure to blue light can cause macular degeneration.

Comfortable Vision

A good pair of Oakleys keep cuts glare and makes it possible for the marines to see carefully when on water.

Keeps Away Eye Fatigue

It is important for the marines to wear the right kind of sunglasses to keep problems like eye fatigue, and eye strain away.

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