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Most Popular Hair Styles for Men : TOP 7

Nowadays it is hard to keep up with hairstyle trends, especially if you are a man! So, to help you out, here is a brief explanation about what the latest and trendiest hairstyles are, their characteristics and the differences among them. But before you make your choice (because of course you want to be a fashion icon) make sure that you find the right hairstyle according to your face shape.

1. Undercut

undercut hair style for men

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Whatever type of hair you have, no matter if it is curly or simply straight, you will surely find an undercut that is just right for you. The main feature of this hairstyle is that it is short towards the sides and longer on top. And the best thing – it is simple and can be worn in so many ways !

2. Man Bun

Well, it does not look exactly like a typical woman’s bun, but is challenging stereotypes everywhere around the globe! But how exactly does it work ? Well, it is pretty simple. All you have to do is pull back your hair from the forehead and then tie it up right in the center of your head. If you want, you can, of course, let some hair out of it.

3. Top Knot

One of the coolest hairstyles this year is a mix between the undercut and the man bun, the two top trends of 2014. Although it is a bit difficult to pull it off, once you achieve this hairstyle you will be considered as sexy as a male model ! The key to attain the top knot is to have your hair short on sides and long on top, and after that, tie it in the center of your head !

4. Fade

Another hit in the fashion world, we can see more and more men wearing Fade these days! We can usually see it in shorter length haircuts, but men are starting to wear it with longer hair on top.

5. The Side Part

For men who like to keep it classic, we suggest the side part haircut. Because it is a traditional and clean hairstyle, we are pretty sure your grandpa had it at one point in his life, too. It features a slick and a firm grip on every strand of your hair and it gives you a professional look. We recommend you to use Pomade for a perfect slick hairstyle.

6. Pompadour

This is perfect for men with confidence ! Its main feature is the volume it has on top and its casualness. The sides are usually faded or tapered.

7. Short Back and Sides

If you want to be unique, this is the perfect haircut for you ! It has both sides and back short and the long layer on top is swept back over the head and it is gradually tapered to a tip at the front !

top hair styles for men


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